About Cancer and ProArgi-9 Plus

The dietary supplement "ProArgi-9 plus" may be the very best solution for the fight against cancer.

L-arginine use inhibits the growth of cancer cells both in the beginning stages and the later stages. L-arginine use helps the body to make Nitric Oxide and that is science based. This is well supported by science from the major university research labs.

In an instant, their lives will be transformed Each year as more than one million people will be diagnosed with cancer. As you may already know, cancer proliferates according to a complex process called carcinogenesis. 

The earlier these tumors or masses of cancer cells are detected, the better the prognosis for cure.  These deviant cells can proliferate for years, they attach themselves to other aberrant cells before they finally become detectable, either by means of screening tests or after symptoms appear. Initially, one or more genes are damaged, causing mutations that produce abnormal cells which can begin to grow rapidly and without restraint.

Nitric Oxide (NO) appears to be one of the most powerful allies as the body mobiles for war against this life threatening cellular disorder. NO can inhibit the growth of cancer cells- not only in the earliest stages when there may be only a few undetected cells, but also later in the disease process.

Evidence of NO as a cancer inhibitor is now well documented. Some researchers have theorized that one of the most important functions of the NO is to prevent the onset of various cancers by inhibiting abnormal cell growth. High levels of NO may be able to slow cancer proliferation, keeping the cancer in a holding pattern long enough for the body's own immune system to prepare to destroy malignant cells on its own. 

A chronic surge of oxidative stress appears to play a key role in the promotion of cancer, perhaps because of the damage to DNA caused by free radicals. As a powerful antioxidant, NO can derail the growth of abnormal cells involved in many types of cancers and keep the cancer at bay.

Dr Ignarro's own laboratory conducted a study (published in the American Journal of Physiology in 1997) demonstrating that NO can inhibit the growth of human colon cancer cells. They could even describe the mechanism involved. 

A number of studies have shown that you may be able to reduce your cancer risk by simply increasing your intake of antioxidants in the diet and supplements. Specifically vitamin D3, taken in high dosages per day, has shown in over 2500 studies that it can keep you from getting cancer and can reverse the onset of cancer. The formula in ProArgi-9 has 2500 IU of vitamin D3 in each scoop. Taking more than 1 scoop per day will help in the cancer fight. 

Dr Joe Prendergast states that taking 5000 IU's (this amount must get into the cells) per day of vitamin D3 will deter cancer from occurring. 

ProArgi-9 also has many other antioxidants that fight against cancer.

ProArgi-9 plus has the very best formula for fighting cancer, which includes the L-arginine that makes Nitric Oxide. 

Dr Cedric Garland of San Diego (UC) says that "Theories associating vitamin D3 with many cancers have been tested and confirmed in over 200 epidemiological studies. In addition, more than 2,500 laboratory studies have been conducted that provide an understanding of the physiological basis of vitamin D's link to cancer."

According to Dr. Garland, researchers have documented that with enough vitamin D3 present, cells adhere to one another in tissue and act as normal, mature epithelial cells. But if there is a deficiency of vitamin D3, cells can lose this stick-to-each other quality, as well as their identity as differentiated cells. The result, they may revert to a dangerous stem cell-like state and become cancerous. In a statement to the media, Dr Garland suggested that much of the process that starts cancer in the first place could be stopped at the outset by maintaining enough vitamin D3 in the body. Vitamin D3 may halt the first stage of the cancer process by re-establishing intercellular junctions in the malignancies having an intact vitamin D receptor.

Body System Benefits of L-arginine- Dr. Gordon Pedersen states the following:

(1) Intestinal- Helps restore intestinal mucosa digestion. Helps prevent and improve healing of ulcers.

(2) Glandular- Beneficial to Pancreas and the production of insulin. Benefits thyroid which is the modulator of Nitric Oxide and Erections.

(3)Structural- Helps prevent bone cancer, helps bones grow normally and has helped some children increase height. May cause the secretion of Human Growth Hormone, which has been demonstrated to improve cartilage and bone growth and function.

(4) Digestive- Benefits hepatitis in 30 days. Helps repair damaged liver. Benefits probiotic growth (to restore beneficial bacteria to the body) and performance.

(5) Immune- Helps inhibit tumor cell growth and metastasis. Helps improve immune cell numbers and activity in cancer patients. Helps improve wound healing.

(6) Nervous- Helps reduce the effects of stress. Protects brain tissue from damages of stroke. Helps improve brain function and protect against Alzheimer's disease.

(7) Urinary- Helps improve blood flow, urine flow and nitric oxide production that can improve reproduction function in men and women. L-arginine helps the nitric oxide cycle which helps and benefits male erection and dysfunction.

(8) Respiratory- Helps protect lungs and improve healing from smoke damage. Helps protect the heart muscle by stimulating myocardial cell growth and re-growth.

(9) Circulatory- Helps prevent hypertension. Helps improve cardiac performance, including improved blood flow to the brain, heart muscle and reproductive organs. It has similar cholesterol lowering benefits as prescription drugs. (scientific validation available)

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