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Thank you for stopping by my blog, I don’t know how you found me but I am glad that you did.

My career as a network marketer started in 2009, I am one of the fortunate ones who really made five digit figures with the company as a newbie marketer and assisted many others on our team to do so.  Over the following years along the way I met trainers and on line skype associates who also became friends.  I met a number of people who helped me along the way one way or the other, for which I am eternally grateful.  I learnt what to look for in compensation plans, companies, what to join and what not to join.  We are bombarded daily with new companies and pre-launches.

We live in a time where people have found themselves to be so busy with the challenges of life that we forget to live.  We forget that our bodies need nourishment and nutrients, we forget that with time our bodies changes and need maintenance assistance to function effectively.

As far back as I can remember I always love to help people, to see them happy and most of all live fulfilling lives.  A life unfulfilled is miserable, it is the same as a life without purpose. My desire is to see people prosper and be in health even as their souls prosper.

In my search I found a company and a line of products that lined up with what I believe that will cause someone in this industry to become successful.

When I found this company Synergy WorldWide and the products they manufacturer I knew it was divine intervention.  I am not saying this to get you to join the company or purchase any of their products, I am saying this because I truly believe that what I have found is worth sharing.

To have a successful career path in this industry you must look for some key elements, four of which I will outline to you now.

The 4 key elements that need to be in place to make it possible for us to be successful in building up a large sustainable business.

  1. The company must be financially stable.
  2. The payout plan must allow both the company and the distributors to make good money.
  3. The timing in the market place must be right.
  4. You must have products that the end consumer will continue to buy time after time without persuasion.
The choice is yours to join me or just purchase this product for you or some love one you may know who really needs it.  Even if you think you may not need this product, I want you take a little more time and look again.  Don’t be too busy.  I have named the flagship product of the company ProArgi-9 Plus a prevention dietary supplement.  I personally take a scoop a day to maintain optimal health.

I encourage you to slow down and feel and hear what your body is saying too you.  Even if you are not feeling that something is going on inside your body, trust me, something is always going on, we are breathing aren’t we. 

You should not wait on your car to shut down to do maintenance (although some people do), how come we do that with our bodies so often.  Actually I believe that some people maintain their cars better than their bodies for the same reason, they just don’t want to shut down in the wrong place.

If you are waiting for your heart to attack you to know you need maintenance then you have waited too long.  The signs of high blood pressure are often never present until your body feels like something is just not right.  By the time you are on insulin for diabetes the damage has already been done. 

Don’t wait for your arteries to become inflexible or your immune system to change and encourage the cancer cells to flourish.  Those are the two major things that kill people.  If you are healthy along the way you can fight off things like bacteria and the overwhelming role of viruses in the world today which is changing the way we monitor and get of rid of them.  Our first gun sack is chronic disease, we want all of them to go away.

Let us not wait for the signs, let us take preventative measures to avoid these signs, maintenance if far better than let’s say, surgery?

Take a look around, see who you can help.

Who Am I Looking For?
Ø Those who are ready to work and have the desire to change their financial situation without complaining and excuses.
Ø Those who need this product
Ø Those with the faith to believe that they can make it work
Ø Those who are not look for a quick dollar
Ø Those who are team players
Ø Serious Business Builders
Ø Highly-motivated and success-minded
Ø Have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy a challenge

As a team we can share what we know and assist each other as we grow in this business together.  I can share on how to market, how to brand you, how to get new and responsive leads using skype, how to write your articles.  How to stop running down everybody that breathes next to you and how to have people looking for you instead of the other way around, that is a shift in the paradigm.

This is a global opportunity and the world is our market, somebody out there is ready and waiting, is that person you?

Together Everyone Achieves

Remember that there is no such thing as something for nothing.

There is nothing worse than being ashamed of parsimony or poverty.

We are doing this type of business to live a better quality of life to spend time with the ones we really love, doing this business the wrong way can be disastrous, however doing it the right way can be very rewarding.  What do you want to fulfill? Ask yourself are you Ready?

I will end by saying take your eyes of your situation to get to your destination.  You Ready?

Until then, be strong and very courageous.

God Bless

 Joanne Wilson-Edwards
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